Courses and Students

It’s been an interesting year… for one reason or another, my own photography has taken something of a back seat for a while – starting with the lockdowns. Only recently have I started to get back into the groove, so to speak.

This has also been the case for my courses. Those I have run at Marlborough College Summer School for many years have been impacted by Covid and, since the lockdowns ended, the college has cut back on the number of courses it offers. Now that the cycle of going there every year has been broken, I have to decide whether to offer to restart them again – it’s actually quite nice to get my summer back!

In contrast, over the past year I’ve seen an increase in requests for private tuition. I’ve had several students ask for information and most of them have gone on to either have a single refresher class or to book a block of sessions. Each student gets a tailor-made package, based on what they tell me they’re looking to achieve, and I’m pleased to say they’ve all found the exercise useful.

I enjoy teaching and usually learn something myself as we go along, so it’s good to know I’ve got a couple more potential students in the pipeline.

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