A satisfied client

I’ve just completed a set of training sessions with a private client. Although he’d used a camera for a long time, he’d pretty much kept things on full auto and had decided he wanted to take more control. Over a series of five sessions, I took him through all of the basics of using the main subsystems of the camera:

  • Exposure – semi auto and manual modes
  • Effect of shutter speed, aperture and ISO choices
  • Metering and exposure compensation (and manual control)
  • Focal length of a lens and effect on composition (inc crop factor)
  • Focus (inc auto and manual) and choice of focus points
  • Depth of field
  • Resolution and quality of an image
  • White balance
  • Stabilisation
  • Noise control (high ISO and long exposure)
  • Drive modes
  • Raw vs JPG
  • Composition

The client was great, really putting in some effort in between our sessions to consolidate what had been discussed and demonstrated. After completing the sessions, he said:

Thanks for a very instructive course, it builds well to enable the uninitiated student to appreciate the roles/relationships of the various features. I am now much more confident with respect to using the camera and look forward to now putting the learnings into practice!

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