Animals and Birds

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Apart from the occasional bird image taken in my garden, I’ve not really made the opportunity to take pictures of wildlife. A recent trip to Marwell Zoo, courtesy of Olympus, was therefore a chance to be able to take shots of exotic animals that would otherwise require significant travel expense. I’m not really too keen on the idea of zoos, but Marwell is far better than any other I’ve seen and it supports a lot of conservation work for endangered species. Animals in cages of various sorts don’t provide the same challenge as wild creatures, of course, but it was useful to be able to practice in case I ever make a trip further afield.

Not long after my Marwell outing, I went to The Hawk Conservancy Trust to try my hand at some birds-in-flight shots. I don’t know whether the birds were particularly skittish but they were very hard to track. I also neglected to make notes to be able to identify all the birds. I’ll try to fix that over time. I definitely want to do some work to improve my technique for this type of shot.

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