The World through a Lens

Archived course

This course comprises five half-day sessions.


It’s said that a photographer sees in a different way to the casual observer. What makes one picture a work of art and another a snapshot? Composition is certainly a contributor but light is arguably the defining factor. This course explores these aspects of photography. Taking a different genre each day, we’ll look at the work of some famous photographers for inspiration then go out to take pictures ourselves in and around the college. We’ll take time to review some of your pictures and give constructive ideas for improvement where appropriate.

Please read the course details for important additional information.


This course is aimed at keen photographers who want to improve the quality of their pictures.

The principles covered are applicable to all levels of photographer, from novice to the more experienced, using any digital camera, including those built into mobile phones. However, students with more advanced cameras will have more flexibility and choice when making decisions about how to create the images they take.

A maximum of eight students will be enrolled on this course to allow time for individual feedback to be given.

The genres covered will look at areas such as landscape, architecture, portraits and close up photography such as insects and flowers.

Typical feedback from a previous student: “Course very well put together, Steve is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Equipment to bring

Students should bring along their own digital camera, complete with the associated battery charger (and a spare battery, if you have one) and the cable for connecting the camera to a computer. Make sure you have a fully-charged battery and plenty of space on your memory card – ideally there should be no pictures on it at the start of the course.