Flatford Mill

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While I’m generally happy with my level of technical photographic knowledge, I do like to get exposure (no pun intended!) to other photographers’ ways of working and find workshops a practical way of achieving that end. In additon, workshops provide an excuse/opportunity to devote quite large chunks of time to photography – something that can prove difficult to do when there are pressing things to do at home.

A friend had alerted me to the fact that the Field Studies Council (FSC). among the many other things they do, run photography courses. He had previously attended FSC courses and found them very good. So, in October, he and I joined a class run by Jacqui Hurst. Jacqui specialises in garden photography and that was the basis of the course.

The group was quite small with four students in total, and the weather was very reasonable for the time of year with only a little sporadic rain. As well as exploring the Flatford Mill area (famous as Constable country, of course), we visited The Beth Chatto Gardens and The Place for Plants garden and arboretum to take pictures.

Jacqui and the other participants were all easy to get on with and the experience, including the basic but perfectly functional facilities at FSC Flatford Mill, made for a fascinating and enjoyable weekend.

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