Lake District

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I’d been thinking of participating in a photography workshop for a while when a friend of mine, Kelvin, discovered a community at On Landscape. Tim Parkin (who runs the site) was organising a conference about landscape photography that Kelvin had decided he’d like to attend. I’m not particularly a landscape photographer, so I wasn’t immediately drawn by the conference. Of more interest to me was the workshop Tim was organising immediately prior to the conference. The workshop was to be run by Tim, Len Metcalf and Mark Littlejohn with only nine participants and at a very reasonable cost per person. Apparently, Len was the instigator as he is a passionate educator (from Australia) and wanted to try running a workshop here in the UK while visiting to speak at the conference.

Kelvin and I signed up for the week and had a great time, even though it rained on and off most days. We did have sun on one day, thankfully, and snow fell on the peaks for the final day, which changed the landscape significantly. The week was a great success with Tim, Len and Mark always available to offer advice and guidance, along with useful post-processing tips in the evenings. We also managed to spend some time relaxing, sharing meals and a few drinks. Our companions, the seven other people taking part, were all easy to get on with and we’ve tentatively planned to meet up again in the not too distant future for another communal shoot.

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