Winchester Discovery Centre Exhibition

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In the spring of 2015, I was given the opportunity to stage an exhibition of my photography in the Wallspace Gallery at the Winchester Discovery Centre. This was my first solo exhibition and it was quite daunting to select images that I felt were most representative of my work and that I hoped would be of interest to anyone who viewed them.

I had about two months to select the images to display and prepare for the exhibition. It was quite a lot of work to print, cut, mount and frame the selected photographs and then to write and make title/description cards for each one. Hanging the images the day before the exhibition started was somewhat frantic, but the end result, in my view at least, was well worth the effort.

The exhibition ran from 1st to 30th June 2015 and I had some lovely feedback, both verbally and from people who wrote in the visitor book.

Here are the exhibition images.

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